U.S. drama "sex girls" officially started the third quarter

LOS ANGELES, California July 2 Beijing, according to foreign media reports, "sex girl" crew has been back to New York, The CW television into the third quarter of青春剧in the shooting. Blair played the media to photograph (Blair) of Li Dayton - Mestre (Leighton Meester) and Chuck plays (Chuck) of Eide -维斯特维克(Ed Westwick) is the old New York西布雷( Old Westbury) filming a scene the United States Independence Day. "Sex girls" faithful fans will be recalled in the second quarter of them in Long Island (Long Island) Adams Hampton (Hamptons) summer time.

From the last time we see these rich kids on the Eastern has more than a month, but at least the last quarter of the "sex girls" has begun filming a. As the players enter their respective universities, the new quarter will be even more exciting. And It has been reported that Nate (Nate) will be in the new season is also another new node, it appears that the relationship between the stars are more entangled. LEI / text

Sex tape or not, I am happy for the couple. Her song with Cobra Starship is #2 on the iTunes alternitive chart!



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