The Sherlock Holmes trailer-enjoy and watch it

The Sherlock Holmes trailer has hits the Internet enjoy and watch it.

Sherlock Holmes trailer


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie-regain there relationship.

Through there is rumor about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie relationship in difficulties, they were behaving like hormonally charged teenagers at a restaurant on the Cap D'Antibes near Cannes Tuesday night

However, Angelina Jolie has just arrive from Holland where she attends war crimes trial.


Ayelet Zurer -israel's Julia Roberts in Angels & Demons.

when acclaimed director Ron Howard's Angels & Demons releases in India two weeks from now (on May 29), audiences here will get their first taste of actress Ayelet Zurer -- known in the film industry as 'Israel's Julie Roberts'.

To be a strong woman, one has to know how to kick butt with the high kick of a Vegas dancer, wisecrack menacingly and wriggle seductively with the look-at-me panache of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. That would be the wisdom espoused by the Hollywood blockbuster -- movies of the "Charlie's Angels" and "Transformers" variety. Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer subscribes to a more complicated, multidimensional vision of female strength, which the actress is bringing to her first Hollywood would-be blockbuster, Ron Howard's "Angels & Demons," opening Friday


Evan Rachel Wood-will be vampire queen

American film, television, theater actress and singer Marilyn Manson's girlfriend, actress Evan Rachel Wood, is to play a 500-year-old bloodsucking vampire in a hit US TV drama

The Wrestler star Evan Rachel Wood will play the vampire Queen of Louisiana in the upcoming second season of True Blood, which debuted last year to rave reviews and a cult following.

Website reports her character, Sophie-Anne, is a high-ranking French aristocrat who will appear in a two-episode arc at the end of the new season.



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