Ayelet Zurer -israel's Julia Roberts in Angels & Demons.

when acclaimed director Ron Howard's Angels & Demons releases in India two weeks from now (on May 29), audiences here will get their first taste of actress Ayelet Zurer -- known in the film industry as 'Israel's Julie Roberts'.

To be a strong woman, one has to know how to kick butt with the high kick of a Vegas dancer, wisecrack menacingly and wriggle seductively with the look-at-me panache of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. That would be the wisdom espoused by the Hollywood blockbuster -- movies of the "Charlie's Angels" and "Transformers" variety. Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer subscribes to a more complicated, multidimensional vision of female strength, which the actress is bringing to her first Hollywood would-be blockbuster, Ron Howard's "Angels & Demons," opening Friday



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