Miley Cyrus-In the journey to dixcove in "Hannah montana"

The Movie "Hannah montana" is not so much a movie as it is a trial balloon to see if
Miley Cyrus, with her big blue eyes, exceptionally white teeth and increasingly long
limbs, who can hold the big screen as like as she has the small screen. Probably answer is yes.

Movie Trailer of Hannah montana

Even almost completely stripped of the zinger-driven physical comedy that marks
"Hannah Montana" the television show and saddled with what may be the most ridiculous
climax situation in teen-movie history, the film allows Cyrus to deliver a solid ingenuity , shimmering where she needs to shimmer, sassing where she needs to sass and, most important, continuing to offer audiences the image of a lovely but still recognizable real girl onto whom they can project their own dreams.



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