Fawcett treated-being hospitalized for cancer.

Farrah Fawcett,who was fight againist cancer since 2006,has bees Hospitalized for bleeding and swelling following an experimental cancer treatment in Germany.
One of producer friend Craig Nevius said she is quiet well.Neuvis is produced her documentary "A Wing and a Prayer" abou her fighting againist cancer.

Craig Nevius said to Associated Press on monday that the 62-year-old "Charlie's Angels" star has been hospitalized for a blood clot, a side effect of treatment she underwent in Germany. But she's not near death."
"She's doing fantastic," Nevius said. "Her fight goes on. ... She's not going anywhere anytime soon."
He added: "As previously reported by everybody, she's not unconscious. She is not on death's door. The family has not gathered to say goodbye."


Anonymous,  May 15, 2009 at 10:45 AM  

Farrah I hope you will have a miracle and will be totally healed of cancer! God can do it, just believe in Him Farrah! I have always admired you as a lady, so beautiful and such a wonderful actress, my prayers are with you and your family! God richly bless you all! Renee'.


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