Britney Spears-Shows halted for smoke

Britney Spears,top rnked singer, probably dont like smoking in the time of her performance.

This spicy pop star left the stage for about 30 minutes during performance in Vancouver on Wednesday night, in the face of smoke in the audience.
Spears' concert was delayed about 15 minutes into her performance, and an announcer told concertgoers to put out their cigarettes. Some audience grew impatient while waiting for Spears and her troupe to return to the stage.

After she returned and ended the show, Spears —told the audience "Don't smoke weed! Rock out with your c---s out! Peace, motherf---ers!"

Holly Shakoor,publicist of spears, issued a statement apologizing to fans about the delay. The statement said "crew members above the stage became ill due to a ventilation issue."
Spears started her "circus" tour of the U.S.A ,canada and England .But it may be expanded to Europe and Australia



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